By | June 20, 2020

I have received so many electronic mails, they ask how much I should get for attempting question although the answer is wrong. CBSE is one of the finest education boards in India. These days CBSE set paper little hard. Let’s come to the point. I know why you are reading this post, you are one of them who attempt the question but the answer is not correct.

When I was in class 12th, my class teacher always says don’t allow any question blank. Write something which relates to the question. CBSE do provide numbers for attempting the question. If you write something which relates to given question you will be granted marks.

The benefit of attempting question even you don’t know the correct answers.

  1. Many times questions are erroneous; if you attempt the question you will be awarded full marks for that question.
  2. Even you leave the space in your answer sheet for the question you will be awarded grades. If a question is not correct.
  3. If you write something related to the question you will be getting some marks.

I desire to share my personal experience when I was in class 12th.  I attempt the entire question in accountancy, but there was a question for 8 marks pro-rata allocation of shares. I tried to answer that question. It claimed to solve me 30 minutes for a single question, but I know I solved but it was incorrect. After the exam, I found that the question was incorrect, as per the rules I got full 8 marks for the question. But many of my friends leave the space the for the question they also draw the full 8 marks for the query. But I was wasted precious 30 minutes for that question. Due to that, I amn’t able to solve the entire question properly. Even I don’t resolve the question properly I got 95 marks in accountancy.

Many things which matter, to get a number for attempting the question.

  1. It depends upon your answer.
  2. If your answer not much related, you will be given marks only for the statement.
  3. It depends upon examiner and his temper.
  4. If you did the rest of the paper very well, then you may get fewer marks for that question. While you rest of the paper not up to the marks, you will get marks. Examiners don’t want you to fail in the subject.

Checking also depends upon the question of the standard. If question paper is hard and lengthy then checking will be lenient. If the question is easy then no doubt checking will be tight.

Let’s just wait for the result.

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